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Get to the HEART of your culture...with a validated assessment tool

The Happiness at Work survey is a validated and widely used culture assessment tool developed in the UK and now popular worldwide. Aggregated, confidential results are available online as soon as everyone has completed the survey.

Uncover the keys for creating a fulfilling, bonded, high performing healthcare team using findings from this survey.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.06.21 AMTake the  Happiness at Work survey completed in about 10 minutes and receive your results – always confidential and sent just to you. Share this link with others on your team* to uncover team insights. Combined results – not individual and not identifiable are sent as a pdf report covering five domains of work life. Imagine what you could build together with the information offered from this simple, short survey!!  I receive your email address and will provide a 15 minute coaching session designed to help you and your team use the survey results to create the teams and work life you really want! 

*The survey cost is $8 per participant. If you work in a clinic, nursing home, hospital or other health care setting, include as many team members as possible.

Want really great results?? Mary Gessay, CPHQ, ORSCC, former federal surveyor and now a professional coach and quality improvement specialist will help you create a high performing culture based on what you discover & want for your culture. Tools and activities used offer individuals & teams opportunities to build their identity, share common goals, meet survey & performance expectations and feel the magic of possibility!

What makes our approach so unique? Mary is a former federal surveyor and quality improvement specialist, but she is also a certified Organization & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC, CRR Global). The interactive and targeted tools move your teams into accountability and ownership of your system needs to build a sustainable culture that is felt when patients and families engage your organization. Employees, individuals and teams reveal their purpose in working together and commit to your organization’s mission and vision with greater clarity and community.  As an ORSC Coach, Mary has teamed up with Happiness at Work to help you reveal what is really trying to happen in your work life (and with your teams) and then bring a wealth of expertise to help you make changes and improvements that really matter.

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Want Patient Satisfaction?

Build a connected, collaborative high performing culture 

Be a preferred provider in your market! It all begins with the culture and collective experience of your departments and teams. Patients sense your culture and intent, the cohesion and commitment of your staff and teams. Post acute care providers know that a great culture is palpable when you walk in the door whether a skilled nursing facility, assisted living, or other setting.

Heart First Healthcare Coaching 

reaches each person on your team to help them bond with team purpose and with one another.  As team members discover their shared purpose and communicate and collaborate effectively using fun and effective coaching tools, everyone you and your organization touch will have an awesome experience and will take action to support you! Heart First Healthcare Coaching assists you to build and sustain a patient-centered culture with a focus on quality outcomes by revealing systems and actions needed and motivating everyone to take part in improvements. Create a cohesive, caring, high performing, patient-centered hospital, nursing home or other care organization with unique tools and techniques designed to reveal how to build a culture that supports great patient satisfaction surveys and the best quality measure outcomes.

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Why Heart First Healthcare Coaching?? 

Eleven years with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), extensive experience in healthcare, tools, skills and methods gained from 3 unique certifications offers YOU effective, proven and delightful ways to address your needs and challenges.  As a certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC, CRR Global), Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ, National Association for Healthcare Quality) and Certification as a Just Culture trainer (, Outcome Engenuity), I can quickly assess with you and your teams what might be needed and desired.  Best of all, my personalized coaching approach guides and supports you and your staff to work together to meet the goals you determine, address conflict and embrace new work. Fostering a rich culture that can sustain changes made is the basis of the work we do together, because meaningful change only occurs when a system approach and specific techniques are shared that you can then use over and over. Take steps now to move through survey correction, conflict or new Affordable Care Act challenges and on to meaningful and sustainable improvements.  Get support for your key staff (Director of Nursing, charge nurses, other directors or supervisors) through one:one coaching in person or virtually utilizing the same tools and methods used for team or group work.

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Feel Know & Act ...

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  • Identify and foster your Organization and Team Identity
  • Develop Strategic Direction, Team Agreements
  • Optimize each professional’s performance on HCAHPS
  • Strengthen passion and purpose around your Vision
  • Attract and Retain Professionals who fit your Mission and Vision
  • Improve Patient Outcomes with specific techniques designed to enhance each professional’s Emotional and Systems Intelligence
  • Embrace disturbance as an ally; identify and address issues early - address effectively
  • Integrate Quality Improvement mindset into individual and team work

Heart First ...


  • Reveal my purpose and passion in healthcare, address challenges and build system wisdom... 
  • Provide your teams with a voice to reveal what is needed to achieve the best patient satisfaction scores possible!
  • Encourage staff bonding, promote trust, collaboration and commitment
  • Demonstrate that challenges can be addressed with heart and grace and lead to meaningful change. 
  • Learn unique & valuable patient and family interaction techniques and tools
  • Coach and support managers, employees and relationships between 2 or more staff


And Start Now!


  • Onsite sessions or telephone coaching for one or more 
  • Team sessions in person or virtually for managers, departments, groups or interdisciplinary teams
  • Healthcare compliance corrections, root cause analysis and quality improvement
  • Just Culture training and coaching (
  • Assessment & Consultation custom built for you!